What is Triadic Thinking?

The three elements or forces that enter into all situations, including how we think, can be represented in a triadic relationship as shown below:

The law of three is one of the two fundamental laws of the cosmos.  It enters into virtually every aspect of everything we encounter moment by moment, day by day.  Several things should be noted straight away. 

The first is that since this triadic characteristic is universal it provides a universal map to the relationships we deal with all the time.  More specifically it provides an understanding of the role a particular element plays… and consequently how to better play that role, or a recognition that that role is missing or unbalanced in a particular event.  More on that later.

The next thing to recognize is that all triads are incomplete.  That is to say they are in some way unbalanced and need connections to other triads for their completion or balancing.

In terms of the practical reality of thinking, the different approaches that people take might look something like the diagram below…

We can call Triadic Thinking "real thinking" because it takes into consideration all three of the forces that are acting in any given situation. We can contrast this with dyadic thinking or the "clash of opposities", where we are limited to a choice between two opposing forces. Even this is an improvement over "mono-thinking" where we cannot even entertain the possibility of another way of thinking, or the complete absence of any kind of thinking through surrender to external stimuli, (null thinking).